Airport Way Family Restaurant

Airport Way Family Restaurant
1704 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK 99701-4006
(907) 457-5182

A.W.F.R. – A.W. Signature Pizza

Posted in Airport Way Family Restaurant on October 11th, 2010 by Drew 'Thunder Chunk' 'Dog Fighter' Nelson – Be the first to comment

A.W. Specialty Pizza - Large - $21.95

Overall: ****
Food: ***
Price: ***
Service: *****
Restaurant: ****

All ratings on a 5 *(star) system.

Once again I found myself riding around Fairbanks in a drunken haze, my brother at the wheel of the van, our next destination is ultimately his choice to make (as he’s the only who’s legally able to drive). It was 1AM and many suggestions were thrown at him… ‘Xaviers! I mean Hideout!’, ‘Kodiak Jack’s!’, ‘Taco Bell!’. His resolve was unwavering, before I knew it I were standing under the glowing sign that proudly displayed the one reason I was able to eat this late, ‘Open 24 Hours’, we were, of course, at A.W. Family Restaurant.

This drunken haven has been a hot-spot for everyone unlucky enough to be hungry after every other restaurant has closed. The inside is very clean and the waitstaff is always awesome, after-all, they have to be to put up with intoxicated patrons at all hours of the night. They have one side of the restaurant for non-smokers and the other for the smoking crowd. Our group of four was sat immediately and drink orders were taken, I took a pre-emptive strike at an impending hangover and only asked for water as my drink of choice.

Once upon another drunken time, I glanced at a laminated menu that displayed something I had never tried at this restaurant, pizza. I decided that tonight was the night I would indulge myself. I wasn’t about to eat a whole pizza on my own, much less half of a pizza, luckily, fellow member and co-founder Craig Stephenson offered to split a pizza with me. Game on. So many choices, lots of varieties of pizza, but the one that stood out, the AW speciality pizza. This is the pizza that they are claiming as theirs, so it should be good, it certainly sounded good: cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and meatballs (not sausage). Meatballs, something I normally reserve for spaghetti or meatball sandwiches.

The waitress came around as it was time to take orders, I proudly asked for the large AW pizza, she gave me a frown and told me that they stopped serving pizza at 1:00AM, it was now 1:05AM. She asked us to wait just a moment and went back to the kitchen, she came back and said they’d make an exception for tonight, success!

After midnight at this establishment they ask that everyone pre-pay for their meals, as I can guess they must have had people skipping out on paying for meals. Justifiable I suppose, its the only way on cutting down on the drunken freeloaders. We paid for our meal and I pre-tipped our seemingly good waitress.

Time flew quickly, as times does when you’ve already downed 5 white Russians and a pitcher of beer in the last 4 hours. About thirty minutes after ordering the doughy cheese-layered disc was laid out in front of us. It looked great, this pizza was just what I needed to pull me through the night. Lots of toppings literally layered this pizza, the $21.95 price-tag seemed justifiable so far, but what about the taste? I tossed some parmesan on it and took my first bite, pretty good, just the kind of taste I was looking for at 1:30AM, nothing amazing, but decently-good pizza none-the-less. The green peppers and onions stood out the most, the meatballs were there, but clearly weren’t the hallmark of this dish.

Because I’m cutting down on my food intake, I stuck to two slices, a quarter of the disc. Craig however, must have thought it was amazing as he didn’t want any leftovers, he ate half of that pizza like a ravenous beast that hadn’t eaten for a week. He literally inhaled it, I’m always surprised by Craig’s appetite.

A good ending to a good night. The pizza hit the spot and I had some left-overs to take home. Even after re-heating the pizza in the microwave it would still make food a decent meal. Pizza is a lot like sex. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Anyways, back to the review, I say if you’re looking for food during normal business hours, look for other places to eat, but if you’re roaming the town in the early hours of the morning, hit up the A.W. Family Restaurant.

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